How to Choose a Dentist for Your Child

August 16, 2019

children smilingUnfortunately, most children don’t make it to the dentist until much later than is ideal. On average, they have their first visit at 2.5 years, but the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) says that they should be there by the time they’re 1 year old, or within 6 months of their first baby tooth erupting.

When you have a new baby, there are a ton of things to keep track of, and it’s easy to let their oral health slip. However, your child’s dental health matters very early in life, so it’s important to keep it on your radar. Keep reading to learn more about how your child’s dental health affects their development, and for tips on choosing a family dentist.

What’s So Important About Baby Teeth?

It’s easy to think baby teeth don’t matter—they’re temporary, after all. However, it’s important that baby teeth stay put until they fall out on their own. Keeping your child’s baby teeth healthy benefits several aspects of their well-being, including:

  • Improving speech development.
  • Saving space for when adult teeth grow in.
  • Ensuring that when adult teeth grow in, they’re properly aligned.
  • Developing proper chewing, which will aid in their nutrition.

Choosing a Dentist

So, by now, you know that your child’s dental health is important. But we understand that families have a laundry list of important things to keep track of. That’s why one of the best qualities in a family dentist is finding an office that makes things easier. That way, you’re more likely to keep up with your family’s appointments!

If you can check off block-scheduling and an in-house orthodontist, that can help make your family’s experience at the dentist run smoothly.

Block Scheduling: Dental health is especially important to children, but it’s also important for teenagers, adults, seniors, and everyone in between! But once you need to schedule an appointment for each of your children, your spouse, and yourself, that can be a lot to keep track of.

Finding an office that does a block appointment eliminates that problem. With block scheduling, you can make one appointment and take care of everyone’s dental health in one session.

Orthodontist In-House: In addition to general dentistry, your child will also need to make a visit to the orthodontist by the time they’re 7 years old. If you choose an office who has an in-house orthodontist, that process will be much easier!

All Smiles Dental Group is a kid-friendly office with an in-house orthodontist and block scheduling. We also have 2 convenient locations, and you can schedule your appointment online!

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