How to Keep Teeth Healthy During Halloween

October 7, 2021

Halloween is a time for fun and frights, but what is not so fun is getting a cavity when the festivities are over. While consuming candy in moderation won’t typically result in tooth decay, following some simple tips and ‘tricks’ can help you keep your teeth healthy during Halloween.

Eat, Drink, and Be Scary!

Man with toothache at Halloween

There is no reason to avoid candy altogether during fright-night. Most dentists recommend that if you consume sugar on Halloween, you should eat it all in one night instead of snacking on it over the next few weeks or even months. While we certainly hope you don’t make yourself sick by eating your candy in one sitting, there are some excellent reasons for not keeping candy around the house.

  1. Time is of the essence. The longer sugar stays in contact with your teeth; the more time cavities have to develop. Every time you have a piece of candy, the bacteria that causes cavities get to feast on your enamel. Limiting this to one sitting instead of multiple snack sessions minimizes the amount of time sugar gets one on one time with your teeth.
  2. Creatures of habit. People will typically brush and floss their teeth two times per day, as recommended by the ADA. We brush when we wake up in the morning and after supper in the evenings. If you limit your candy consumption to one time right after dinner, you can be sure to brush those pesky sugar bugs off of your teeth. 

Choose the Chocolate

It is not only when and how often you eat your treats that is important but what you eat. Hard, sticky, or gummy candies will wreak havoc on your dental health. To keep your teeth healthy during Halloween, we recommend choosing chocolate that is caramel-free. Chocolate, unlike hard candies, dissolves quickly in your mouth and does not get stuck between your teeth. But, again, the longer sugar is in contact with your teeth, the more opportunity for cavities. Some of our favorites include Dove milk chocolate, Kit-Kat bars, and Lindor truffles! 

Don’t Get Spooked by a Cavity

Many of us fear getting a cavity, and for a good reason. Cavities can lead to tooth decay, gum infection, even tooth loss. But fear not (except for the ghosts and ghouls)! One night of candy consumption out of a year of good dental hygiene is usually not enough to ruin your teeth forever. So be sure to continue brushing twice per day and schedule an appointment with your dentist twice per year for a dental cleaning or exam. At All Smiles Dental Group, we would love to establish care with you and your family. As a new patient, you can get your first exam, cleaning, and set of x-rays for just $99. At this appointment, the dentist will create a specific plan for your teeth and even provide further tips to help keep your dental health in good shape for many Halloweens to come!