Lisa Plaisted
02:44 07 Mar 23
All Smiles staff is stellar!! They are on time, knowledgeable, friendly and willing to explain any unknowns. I have only had good experiences with them and we have been using them for over twenty years. I highly recommend this office!
Olivia Lopez
07:20 05 Mar 23
Vanessa Meaney
03:19 05 Mar 23
Savannah Mann
03:50 03 Mar 23
Nancy is the best, she was so kind and thorough with my cleaning especially with me having braces.
Cliff Gray
18:04 02 Mar 23
The hygienist and dentist are both very good. Best I've been to in several years.
Andre Wright
18:59 28 Feb 23
Great to have my teeth whiten again. Very nice service
George Toy
16:04 28 Feb 23
Joseph Evans
23:38 27 Feb 23
April is very good!
Catherine Mueller
22:38 27 Feb 23
Kind, compassionate, and thorough staff
Angel Rose
18:12 25 Feb 23
lk burrell
16:56 25 Feb 23
Remains a great place and a good team for past 8 years! Always professional and friendly. ....even when patient is late for appt and is the last pt of the day!!!
Everton Allen
00:14 10 Feb 23
K Devine
23:32 07 Feb 23
I never write reviews, but this place deserves the recognition. EVERYONE in this office is so friendly and helpful. The dentists are cool people and never once criticize your teeth if they aren’t 100% perfect. The office staff is quick to help you if you have billing issues. I can’t say enough good things about this office.
Elizabeth Platt
23:03 07 Feb 23
Phenomenal customer service
James Nicholson
01:03 05 Feb 23
Nancy did a great job as she always does
Amy Stair
21:46 03 Feb 23
Great care. Kind employees. Very good service. I am so very happy with my dental care♥️
Jeremy (JeremyL)
18:19 03 Feb 23
One of the most well-run offices I've used and easily the best hygienist I've had - my jaw isn't ever sore from opening my mouth really wide for long periods of time it doesn't hurt that she's personable and funny.
Gregory Hall
20:38 02 Feb 23
Michael Orange
16:30 02 Feb 23
Heidi Speer
00:11 01 Feb 23
Nice staff! Nancy was so kind and understanding today. Nice to see familiar faces when they switched locations. Dr Batra is always kind too.I will keep coming back. It feels good that people remember your name.
Patti Burdahl
01:53 31 Jan 23
Carly Magnuson
18:47 27 Jan 23
Nikki Carter
02:59 26 Jan 23
Tom Gustin
19:08 24 Jan 23
Very kind and caring staff,Always a pleasure to visit the office,Even if I have a cavity or worse !
Brianna Schad
03:14 24 Jan 23
They were timely, polite, and made you feel welcome! Highly recommend!
Matthew Maupin
20:35 20 Jan 23
All Smiles is consistently wonderful across the board. Genuinely friendly and highly competent, from the the front desk staff to the dentists, and especially dental hygienist Nancy.
Benjamin Clothier
16:21 20 Jan 23
Always a great experience and feel refreshed afterwards 😁
Ricardo Vialpando
17:58 19 Jan 23
Mickey always does a great job cleaning my teeth very attention to detail
Jenna Rockhill
16:16 19 Jan 23
Nancy was very sweet and informative. 🙂
Reggie Kama
16:11 17 Jan 23
Kelsey Hutchinson
18:06 13 Jan 23
Dr Clarkson and her team always take great care of me and make me feel comfortable.
Bryce Hiigel
18:52 12 Jan 23
2 words I never thought would go together.Dentist and enjoyable.Very professional and really helped keeping a person relaxed and welcome.Explained everything that needed to be done clearly and a person could be understood.
Kali Steele
16:05 12 Jan 23
Professional, efficient, helpful. I went because another dentist in the Springs did bad work and they helped adjust it.
nikki couch
17:41 10 Jan 23
On time appointments are super appreciated. The office is always helpful
Veronica Hart
17:08 08 Jan 23
1/4/2023 ✨ I have been a client since 2017. I highly recommend All Smiles Denta Group!Everyone is Professional & Friendly! They let you determine if you want ALL THE DETAILS or JUST BASIC FACTS. Any anxiety I had in the past due to my Gum Disease has completely diminished and I smile with confidence now!! Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment!! I appreciate the entire staff! AND ABSOLUTELY ADORE NANCY!🌟 Veronica Hart💖
Jim Allan
23:25 06 Jan 23
These dentists and specialists are always the best. Personable. Professional.
Charles Rolater
22:26 05 Jan 23
Always prompt and friendly!
Hylise Dickey
21:01 04 Jan 23
PipB Bodkin
20:48 03 Jan 23
Chris Newcomer
19:49 03 Jan 23
James Sparks
19:05 28 Dec 22
Dr. Kelly Clarkson is by far the best and most caring dentist that I’ve ever worked with. Their whole staff is professional, courteous, and great at explaining everything that I’ve needed to know. 10/10 would recommend!
Jamie Lyn
21:51 27 Dec 22
Always a good experience with this facility. Great hygienists. Everyone is friendly. Definitely recommend All Smiles.
Gordon Bertoglio
18:01 22 Dec 22
Bailey Morgan
16:13 21 Dec 22
Great experience. AJ and Dr. Tate are a dynamic duo.
Ale Zac
03:07 20 Dec 22
Great smiles when you walk in. Busy but helpful. Quick but thorough which is important with little kids. Fillings are quick.
Michael Amato
23:31 14 Dec 22
Fantastic service. They made us feel good and comfortable
Every body is very polite , professional, proficient & nice .
Celeste Beyer
23:42 13 Dec 22
They found the sourse of my pain right away and pulled the abscessed tooth. I am so thankful for my relief!
Alex Ellis
18:38 12 Dec 22
Best dentist I have ever been! Always an amazing experience from the staff to the service! Nancy is the absolute best!! Shame I can’t go higher than 5 stars!!
Tricia Cline
19:55 10 Dec 22
Kind, convenient professional service.
Nancy Fallon
19:34 10 Dec 22
Everybody was very friendly, informative and just plain awesome! Thank you!
scott cook
16:08 07 Dec 22
I have been a patient here for a few years. They have been wonderful. I highly recommend!!
Edna Rijos
23:04 06 Dec 22
John McLemore
18:34 06 Dec 22
All Smiles was great. They had a super friendly staff, didn’t make me wait long before my appointment, and the technician was gentle when she cleaned my teeth. I will definitely be going back.
Hisgirl 4life
18:51 05 Dec 22
I'm very thankful for this staff here and all they do! 😊
John Trivelli
18:41 05 Dec 22
Amber Clinchers
18:15 05 Dec 22
Cheryl Dietz
19:06 03 Dec 22
Johanna Cutler
21:22 01 Dec 22
I really feel comfortable - which is amazing considering my usual dental anxiety! Everyone there is respectful, great "bedside manner" and I never feel like the appointments are being rushed, they treat me like a person, and seem to remember who I am and what is going on with my care.They have been great about always letting me know what kind of work I need AND giving me all the information I need to make informed choices. They are honest about what is priority vs what can wait, they don't try to sell me anything or push any kinds of up-sales on procedures. They are clear about the risks, costs, and benefits of each choice that I can make.They also have a helpful program for discounts (which is great since I don't have insurance).I happened to go to them because they were having a promotion, and I keep going because they are the best dentist I have ever had.
Amy H
19:31 01 Dec 22
Willie Wilson
02:55 24 Nov 22
Outstanding service professional care for my cleaning.
Renae Selvig
02:23 23 Nov 22
They are very friendly and welcoming. Explain everything and put me at ease.
Jody Clair
00:51 23 Nov 22
They go out of their way to make you comfortable!
Syreeta Newsuan
23:14 22 Nov 22
Very nice staff, pleasant experience.
Jerri Edwards
20:43 21 Nov 22
I travel extensively and have endured countless Dental Groups worldwide.All Smiles Dental Group is by far, one of the most professional, efficient, consistent, economical and thorough Groups I have entrusted my dental care to.They genuinely care about their patients' oral health and make it not only convenient, but affordable for anyone (with or without insurance) to be able to utilize their services.My hat is off to All Smiles Dental Group. I wish more Dental Groups embodied All Smiles ethics and sincerity.
Joseph Friesen
18:13 18 Nov 22
Delano Martinez
01:31 16 Nov 22
Great staff and Explained services needed in simple terms.
Nick Juhl
00:02 16 Nov 22
Jeri Nudell
21:36 15 Nov 22
Best dental experience I have had in a long time! Low key, clean, relaxed dental office! My Dental hygienist, Micky was gentle yet effective! Friendly, caring staff from the front desk to the Dentist! See you in 6 months!😁
James E
01:51 15 Nov 22
Carl Colorado
06:35 11 Nov 22
Darian Vaars
16:32 10 Nov 22
Carlos Maes
20:35 09 Nov 22
Been years since I’ve been to a dentist and they took real good care of me on my first cleaning.
Yolanda Allen
19:10 09 Nov 22
Erik Miller
18:19 09 Nov 22
My experience was phenomenal. Dr. Yang and the entire staff were professional and courteous. As and endodontist, she took the time to explain and show me everything she saw on my x-rays and through her examination. Gentle with the anesthesia and throughout the procedure. Would definitely recommend.
Jerad Dody
05:28 09 Nov 22
My experience was awesome, my personal dentist retired, and I was very apprehensive about finding a new dentist. The staff at SHD was so nice and understanding , that I would recommend them to anyone else who might be afraid of getting the dental help that you really need
Erika Cisneros
22:56 08 Nov 22
Setting up an appointment was easy, they individualized my care and made sure that everything was good. My cleaning was great with Christina!
Robert DeBon
18:43 08 Nov 22
Markbarb Dearman
19:17 07 Nov 22
Danielle Armstrong
22:40 03 Nov 22
Absolutly amazing. the staff and Dr.T are all so nice and accomodating and so wonderful at what they do 10/10 would reccomend to anyone
Vicki Adamson
21:00 03 Nov 22
The staff is always friendly which helps me feel at ease. Like going there.
Jw Norton
19:34 03 Nov 22
Vincent Sedlmeyer
19:33 03 Nov 22
Dr. Batra and his staff are gentle and very professional. I am very happy he is my dentist. Highly recommend!
Brian Bozarth
20:11 02 Nov 22
Careful, thorough, and caring. Truly an enjoyable experience!
Brent Pearson
23:18 01 Nov 22
Steve Lenc
21:23 01 Nov 22
15:13 01 Nov 22
Great service and people! I highly recommend this place.
Heather Licano
03:09 01 Nov 22
Eddy Baleria
18:36 25 Oct 22
Great hygienist! Great Dentist! Kind staff!
Raine Lamb
16:27 24 Oct 22
I have had some negative dental experiences in the past and was really scared to come to the dentist for the first time in 5+ years and to go to an unfamiliar office on top of that. My hygienist (unfortunately can’t remember her name because it was a while ago!) and Dr. Clarkson were really wonderful and put me at ease. I also didn’t feel any judgment for how long I had gone without a cleaning, which I had been worried about. I just had my 6 month cleaning today and Rhonda and Dr. Novembre were really wonderful and kind as well. Rhonda managed to make me laugh a few times and I’m usually a little too freaked out for that! Everyone I’ve interacted with at All Smiles has been really kind, patient, and gentle and I really appreciate you all!
luis leon
16:14 24 Oct 22
Stacie Voth
12:44 20 Oct 22
Teena Crum
14:55 19 Oct 22
First visit was amazing! Professional, friendly and great service! Looking forward to my next visit!!
Ciara Ingram
23:03 17 Oct 22
By far the best experience I have ever had with any medical facility EVER! I always feel welcomed and very taken care.
Ryan Dunagin
18:01 14 Oct 22
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