Scholarship Essay by Cassidy From Pine Creek High School

April 19, 2019

This essay, by Cassidy from Pine Creek High School, is one of the top five finalists for our scholarship. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below this post!


Cassidy Essay Finalist PhotoParis, France – Nope.  Los Angeles, California – Nope.  Seattle, Washington – Nope.  Orlando, Florida – Nope.  Cozumel, Mexico – Nope.  Falmouth, Jamaica – Nope.  Disney Castaway Cay – Bahamas – Nope.  New York, New York – Nope. Alexandria, Virginia – Nope.  All amazing places that I’ve been lucky enough to visit, but I call Colorado Springs, Colorado my home.  I applied to, and was accepted to five different universities, all with vastly different climates, population densities, cultures and heritage, and only one came close to Colorado Springs – Boise, Idaho and Boise State University.  Yep, I get to stay a Bronco fan…

I turned eighteen (18) on November 6th (yes, I got to vote for the first time), I am a senior at Pine Creek High School and have lived in Colorado Springs since I turned six years old. Prior to Colorado Springs I lived in Westcliffe Colorado.

Cassidy Essay Finalist Picture 2I really love living in Colorado Springs. I enjoy the beautiful nature with many hiking possibilities like at the Air Force Academy or Fox Run Park.  Cheering in High School allowed me to be somewhat of a school and city ambassador by trying to represent the best of the community and my school.  The picture above was taken at the Denver Broncos stadium in the fall of 2017, when Pine Creek football last played for a State Championship.  And our school Mascot “Stevie the Eagle” that’s my younger sister, a sophomore at PCHS.  While only for a day, we brought our part of Colorado Springs to Denver and gave it our best effort.  Colorado Springs is such a pretty city with the beautiful mountains, Black Forest, pine trees, colorful flowers, beautiful fall colors, and bright blue sky’s 300 days a year.  I love the weather, Winter-Spring-Summer and Fall offer the best of all seasons (particularly snow days and no school), and my favorite the warm summer nights.  I’m so grateful to live in a city that is clean and rooted in faith, family and friends.

A fun short drive from north to south or east to west, we get the pleasure of seeing Pikes Peak, the United State Olympic Training Center, Manitou Springs and my favorite coffee – Dutch Bros, the best coffee shop in the world. Colorado Springs is so lucky to have multiple Dutch bros locations, unlike Denver, Pueblo, Castle Rock, and other cities that have at most one shop in town. Colorado Springs is all a very quiet city, which is what I love most about it. Little to no crime, traffic isn’t horrible like Los Angeles, and no one stays out super late or leaves super early in the morning.

Cassidy Essay Finalist 3When family or friends come to visit, I always want them to see the best the city has to offer, starting with the people that call Colorado Springs home.  The people make this city with smiles and friendly surroundings, from military Generals to enlisted ranks, warm and friendly restaurants that leave me wanting more…  Cheyanne Mountain Zoo brings up close animals from around the world and we are known for the Giraffe exhibit that allows visitors a chance to get up close and personal.  A can’t miss is Garden of the Gods lifts rock and cliff formations in splendorous colors. And one of my favorite places to walk with my dogs – Siberian Husky’s.

I am proud of this city and in my short eighteen years I have been lucky to see a few places, and nothing compares to my home town Colorado Springs.

Over the next four years I will experience a new city in Boise, Idaho, I’ll be home from time to time and likely over the summers – Boise is similar in her surrounds, weather and from what I’ve seen her people too.

Come, visit the best place to live – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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