Dentures in Colorado Springs, CO

Replace or Repair Dentures for a Comfortable Fit


Your mouth gradually changes with age, which could cause your dentures not to fit anymore. If you are experiencing any discomfort from your dentures, it may be time to replace them.

While each situation is unique, dentures are commonly replaced every 3-8 years. You should speak to your dentist about whether or not you need to repair or replace your dentures.

Getting New Dentures

If you are missing teeth and do not currently have dentures, you may want to consider your options. Unlike dentures, bridges and implants are more permanent cosmetic option. Some people prefer dentures because they provide flexibility and are an affordable and safe solution for tooth loss.

Partial Dentures

Removable Partial DenturePartial dentures only cover select teeth. The partial device is a single-piece fitting that is supported by any remaining teeth and gums. These dentures are comfortable and secure.

Complete Dentures

Full Removable Denture

Complete dentures are used for people who have missing teeth on both lower and upper levels. The device uses suction to stay in place. If you have complete dentures, you will need to routinely see you dentist to ensure the appliance fits properly.

Need a New Set of Dentures?

All Smiles Dental Group has the needed dental specialists on staff to make visits to our office a one-stop process. Our team of dentists and specialists will help you prevent tooth loss while your teeth are healthy. Should you need to replace some missing teeth, we will work with you to discuss your options; whether that is to help with dentures, bridges, or dental implants. Fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment today!