The Team Walks for a Cure for Kidney Disease

November 17, 2017


The team poses with a kidney at the Colorado Springs Kidney WalkDuring the early hours on September 24th, the team at All Smiles Dental Group was gearing up for the 2017 Colorado Springs Kidney Walk!

The Kidney Walk is the biggest fundraiser of its kind in the USA. For every dollar raised, 80 cents is put toward research, patient services, education, public health, and community service. These efforts are aimed at finding a cure for kidney disease.

The Silent Disease

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, kidney disease effects about 14% of the American population.

This includes 468,000 who must regularly undergo dialysis, a three hour procedure in which blood is removed from the body before it’s cleansed of toxins, fortified with nutrients, and reintroduced to the blood stream.

Kidney Disease is often called “the silent disease,” since symptoms are usually undetectable in its early stages.

Walking to Find a Cure

Peruse the gallery below to check out the team in action during the walk.

We are always happy to participate in events in our local community!

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