Teeth-Friendly Holiday Foods

December 21, 2021

woman with nice teeth bakingThe holiday season is here again, and with it comes an abundance of seemingly unlimited food options, some of which can be potentially detrimental to your teeth. Although there is nothing wrong with enjoying all of the holiday treats, it’s essential to do so moderately and emphasize meals that are teeth-friendly.

Focusing on teeth-friendly meals doesn’t mean you have to lose out on all the holiday enjoyment. Not sure which foods are the healthiest for your teeth? We’ve compiled a list of the best foods for your teeth throughout the holidays.

Holiday Foods That Are Good for Your Teeth

It is usually advisable to avoid fats and sugary foods as much as possible when it comes to oral health. However, this can be challenging to practice around the holidays, and finding alternative options might be difficult for many people. With some preparation and recipe tweaks, you can eat your Holiday meals while also protecting your teeth. Here are some of the ideal healthy holiday foods for your teeth:

  • Protein is an Essential Nutrient and Shouldn’t Be Left Out. A fantastic meal for oral health is lean protein, which helps to strengthen teeth. Turkey, the much-loved holiday delicacy, is an excellent source of lean protein, but it’s preferable to serve it skinless to reduce calories and excessive fat.
  • You Can Enjoy Low-Fat Dairy Meals. Saliva production is increased by low-fat dairy and cheese, which are also good sources of tooth-building calcium. Offer cheeses with fruit as a holiday treat option and use skim or 1 percent milk in dairy-based meals like casseroles and potato salad to add low-fat dairy to your holiday feast.
  • Fruits and Vegetables. Fibrous meals, such as fruits and veggies, provide a mouth-cleaning impact by causing saliva to flow. Besides brushing and flossing regularly, the best prevention against tooth decay and periodontal disease is to consume fruits and vegetables. Start by preparing a tray with a range of fruits and veggies and choose healthier, tooth-friendly options like green beans sautéed in sesame oil and fresh berries topped with cream instead of high-calorie foods like apple pie and green bean casserole.

Brush Your Teeth

Here’s another essential tip to enjoy your holiday feast while also maintaining your dental health: brush your teeth after eating anything sugary or fatty. It’s preferable to floss or brush afterward (you can even do both). However, just a brief swish of water can help preserve your oral health.

You don’t need to avoid all of the “exciting” meals this festive period; however, limiting them and focusing on teeth-friendly foods can allow you to enjoy your holiday while also protecting your oral health!

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