This is Why Orange Juice Taste Bad After You Brush

December 20, 2019

orange juiceMost of us have been in a situation where we want to enjoy a nice glass of orange juice, but we’ve just brushed our teeth. We know how this story ends! Orange juice tastes awful if you’ve brushed recently.

Have you ever wondered why this happens? Why does brushing make your orange juice taste so bad? We’ve set out to answer this question.

The Offending Ingredient

The bad taste is the fault of one ingredient: sodium laureth sulfate (SLS). In order to create a sudsy texture, this additive is used in toothpaste, soap, and shampoo. SLS interacts with phospholipids, which are fatty molecules on your tongue.

Since those fatty molecules help to dull down bitter flavors, when SLS suppresses them, it makes the flavors taste more biter than they ordinarily would.

So that’s why your orange juice tastes yucky after brushing.

Controlling SLS

SLS is really in your toothpaste to change up the texture of the paste. It can make us feel cleaner, but it doesn’t necessarily clean your teeth any more effectively. It’s safe to forgo SLS in your toothpaste, and there are many available that don’t contain that ingredient. That would solve your problem right away!

But if you’d rather not let go of that sudsy feeling, chewing sugar-free gum or drinking water before you drink your juice may help rinse away the SLS before you have your OJ.

Why Not Brush Your Teeth After Breakfast?

Good thought! But brushing your teeth immediately after consuming something acidic can actually be harmful. Acidic foods and beverages–like orange juice and coffee–temporarily soften your enamel. Brushing in this state isn’t a great idea.

If you’re able to wait 30 minutes before brushing, by all means, brush after your juice! By that point, the pH balance will be back to normal. Otherwise, it’s probably best to avoid brushing after drinking the acidic beverage.

Enjoy your Juice and Your Smile

We hope these tips help you to enjoy your orange juice while keeping your teeth safe! And if you want to look for more info about SLS-free toothpaste, check out this article.