We Have Selected Our Top Five Scholarship Submissions!

April 19, 2019

all smiles dental group scholarshipThis fall, we will award one college freshman with a $2,000 scholarship for college expenses. On April 30, we will announce our one winner.

We’ve received so many great applications, but we’ve managed to thin it out to these top five:

Requirements for Entering Our Scholarship

We first announced our scholarship back in February. All high school seniors who lived or attended high school in Colorado Springs were eligible. To enter, each student had to write an essay, with the option of using visual elements to enhance their paper.

The staff at All Smiles Dental Group scored the essays based on these criteria:

  • Effort
  • Quality
  • Accuracy
  • Creativity

We will need your help to determine the 5th criterion, popularity, so be sure to comment on your favorite one!

Great Work to All Who Submitted!

We would like to thank every student who took the time to submit to our scholarships. We really enjoyed reading over the entries, even though narrowing it down to 5 was a difficult task!

On behalf of all of us at All Smiles Dental Group, we wish each candidate the best of luck in their studies.

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12 thoughts on “We Have Selected Our Top Five Scholarship Submissions!

  1. Kera Nelson says:

    Kylee Weis is the most upstanding young woman I have ever met and we are all excited to see where she and her inspiring ideas take her in the future.

  2. Kate Nelson says:

    Kylee is an amazing person! She is so kind and friendly to everyone and always tries to make people feel welcome. Kylee works hard and always has a positive outlook no matter the situation. She handles challenges as opportunities. Kylee is one of the best people I know.

  3. Pam says:

    I agree with Kylee about Colorado Springs.

  4. Kathy says:

    These are well done. I was impressed by Dominic’s essay, so on point and relevant to the world today. I have never been to Colorado Springs and this did not know about the diversity there. Dominic painted a picture for me…. this essay educated me as well as made me want to visit.

  5. Audrey Miller says:

    great job!!

  6. Brigitte Cahill says:

    I read them all. I especially liked and appreciated the thought Dominic put into his essay. I am a frequent visitor to Colorado Springs and I have never viewed the city the way he does. Never even thought of it. It is a diverse place alright, but I never really stopped to think about why! Excellent analysis, and next time I’m there, I will see it differently!

  7. Maille O'Neil says:

    I believe Kylee Weis’s essay is the best submission because it truly makes me want to live in Colorado Springs. She touched on all the reasons which made me choose this beautiful city and made me fall in love with it again! She definitely deserves this scholarship!

  8. Kristin Cardozo says:

    While all of the essays are good, my favorite was written by the anonymous writer fro DHS.

    1. Travette Wells says:

      Brynne’s essay is almost poetic and touches on the subtleties of enjoying life in such a beautiful place. She reminds us to stop and enjoy the sights and the smells of our landscape and not take it for granted. Well done Brynne!

  9. Marcy says:

    Kylee’s essay gives her reader a brief glimpse of her many talents. Academically, she’s a proficient writer as her essay flows and covers the topic very thoroughly. Socially, it conveys her vivaciousness and well roundedness. Kylee works extremely hard in school but knows how to have fun. At her young age, she already knows how to live a balanced life which guarantees her for great success!

  10. Pamela Flowers says:

    Wonderful essay! I couldn’t agree more.

  11. Pamela Flowers says:

    Forgot to say that I was referring to Kylee Weis!

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